Email Marketing

During my time as a Senior Copywriter at the edgy pharmaceutical advertising agency Cambridge Biomarketing, I conceptualized, wrote, and executed year-long email campaigns for some of our largest clients. I’ve included just a few samples, with notes to keep in mind below:

  • The audiences we were targeting varied from parents of children with a rare disease (ZSD), to older patients with a Urea Cycle Disorder (UCD), to the doctors treating them.
  • We had disease-focused campaigns with the objective of educating both patients and doctors about the mechanisms of the disease, and the best ways to monitor the condition.
  • We also had product-focused campaigns that educated doctors and patients about the benefits of a new treatment for their condition.
  • Our goals were to drive users to the new tools that we launched on our websites, which could then be download and shared with their healthcare team.

Desktop view – Caregiver/Disease Education


Headline plays off of our campaign concept–the parent who must play many roles at once, with the tagline: “Being a parent of a child with a ZSD means being so much more.”


Alternate subject lines and preheaders for redeployments to users who did not open from previous deployments.

Mobile view




















Desktop View – Doctor/Disease Education


Mobile View

 Alternate subject lines and preheaders for redeployments