Intuit: TurboTax & Turbo

How can we make the right decision crystal clear to our current and prospective customers, so they’d be confident in the next steps of their product experience?

Even more, how can we delight our customers as they undertake an otherwise tenuous task?

These are the underlying problems I’ve been solving through my collaborations across design, strategy, product, and copy teams.

I crafted compelling, reassuring, and persuasive copy for the TurboTax monetization initiatives, aligning design with strategy. This means that I wrote a lot of headlines, body copy, and CTAs to help customers choose their product upsells and downgrades wisely, so that they get what they need.

This involves much testing and iteration of designs, messaging, and promotions.

Other work at Intuit included helping to craft foundational messaging for the Turbo Household product feature, as the team further builds out this capability. How willing are people to share their debt information with spouses, relatives, business partners, and other collaborators? What does “debt” and “credit” info mean to customers? What are their hesitations? What is the perceived value when they share this info? These are some of the fundamental questions we tested as we iterated on our messaging. Samples available upon request.

Below are some samples of the work for TurboTax, specifically, with more available upon request. Thanks for taking a look!

How to show the value of working with our CPAs, and to make this offer at the right point of the customer experience?



How to keep customers from downgrading and losing product benefits they need?


How to explain a one-time free product upgrade, and appease frustration about this requirement?


How to remind returning users the value of staying with TurboTax each year, and transition them into an upsell screen?

How to convert an older demographic that may be missing out on the convenience of e-filing their taxes?