The Venture Cafe

Although I am a writer, my underlying craft is capturing truths and stories. I saw an opportunity to do this at The Venture Cafe–a mecca for entrepreneurship in the Boston area–and pitched the Executive Director with an idea for a podcast. With no prior experience on this platform beyond a college fellowship, I taught myself how to produce using Audacity and how to set up the podcast on iTunes. I also¬†developed the launch communications strategy and wrote promotional copy for each episode, including marketing emails, blog posts, and social media blurbs.

The Venture Cafe podcast has multiple contributing hosts. Here is a handful of the episodes I had produced:

“How a Wall Street banker literally reinvented the wheel.” – Michael Burtov, CEO and Founder of GeoOrbital (Featured on Discovery Channel and others)

“Launching with noise and standing your ground.” – Tania Green, Founder of PMS Bites (Featured on Shark Tank)

“Going to market and key concepts for entrepreneurs.” – Godfrey Hilteybrandt, Go-To-Market Consultant for Multiple Startups

“She led platoons in Afghanistan, and now a social impact startup in the states” – Kimberly Jung, Army veteran, Harvard Business School Alumna, and now Co-Founder and CEO of Rumi Spice.

“Rocking the boat: Brain science entrepreneur shakes up the training industry.” – Pedro De Abreu, entrepreneur, Harvard scholar, featured columnist, author, and the founder of 14x Innovation Group

“From Ski Hats to Audio Apps: The Stepping Stones to Entrepreneurship.” – Parviz Parvizi, former McKinsey consultant, Co-founder of Clammr


  • Client: The Venture Cafe
  • Tasks:¬†Concept, Writing, Podcast Production
  • Website: