Waggener Edstrom

Waggener Edstrom is the world’s 2nd largest independent communications agency and is leading the way in corporate citizenship and social innovation. During my time with WaggEd, I developed research and insights for internal and client social impact initiatives.


I helped kickstart WaggEd’s first report to the United Nations Global Compact by outlining the structure of the report and contributing content.

UN Global Compact


I Co-founded and managed the intern Twitter handle, which got the agency featured in an article by ComproBIZ.com, “Women On Top: 10 Stellar PR Agencies Owned by Women.”


WE Top 10


WE profiled



I also worked with the design team to produce an infographic depicting the impact of the agency’s corporate citizenship programs (partially shown below). I selected which data would be included in the infographic, wrote the copy, and worked with designers on the outline and visualization of the content.

WE info